Senior Portraits

Senior Photos

Why Senior Photos

In today’s digital age, when everyone has a camera on their phone, professional portraits can seem unnecessary. But senior portraits capture a huge milestone in the life of every teenager, and these sessions are often most people’s first professional photos. No matter how busy your soon-to-be-graduate is, scheduling a senior portrait session is a great way to capture their personality and who they are at this moment in time.


Mark a major milestone

A teen’s senior year of high school is often a year full of goodbyes. In many cases, it’s their last year living with their parents, their last year with friends they’ve grown up with and their last year of childhood. As your teen steps into the world of adulthood, they deserve to celebrate how they’ve grown and all they’ve accomplished thus far. Senior portraits are more than just images to share with the grandparents. They’re an opportunity to commemorate this remarkable time in your teen’s life.


Senior Photos Capture your teen’s personality

You’ve watched your child grow from a toddler to a senior in high school. Their personality has likely changed a lot throughout their years and will probably change even more as they leave home and start college or their career. Senior portraits are the perfect way to capture your teen as they are now, celebrating their accomplishments and highlighting what makes them so unique.


Create graduation announcements

Whether you go old school with mailed announcements or send a digital card, senior photos are the best way to announce your teen’s graduation to friends and family around the country and around the world. You can even take images specifically for announcement postcards by having your teen hold up a sign or leaving space in the image for text.


Reward your teen for their hard work

Senior portraits are tons of fun to take! They allow your teen to be goofy and show off their fun side, and it’s a great release after a hard year of studying and college applications. Think of a senior portrait session as a reward for all the hours and effort they’ve put in throughout their high school career and a chance to remind them just how proud you are of all they’ve accomplished.


Senior Photos Freeze moments in time

We never know how well we will remember a moment or period in our lives. That’s what makes photography so important. It allows us to capture and hold on to the moments that

Senior Photos

Every graduating senior has something they are into. From sports to FFA, art to video games, our goal is to highlight those unique qualities and capture senior pictures that are true to him/her. Therefore, we create a customized photo shoot based on our senior’s interests/hobbies/activities and capture fun and creative shots in the process. 

 Graduating Class of 2021-2022


  • sessions: $400
  • Up to 2 hours of shooting
  • Customized photo shoot 
  • 2-5×7 prints
  • 32 wallets (up to 4 images)
  • Online viewing and downloadable gallery
  • Custom USB with hi-resolution images