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Bridal Session: what is it? Do I need one?

A bridal session is an entirely separate session from your wedding. Typically, these are done right after your final dress alterations have been made and closer to your wedding day (but not too close so you can get edited images back and have prints made for display at your reception). While it certainly isn’t a requirement for weddings, it does ease the burden for time on your wedding day and allows a greater variety of images, captured without the stress of the millions of logistics happening the day of. Bridals also allow for more time to capture images of the wedding party or first look. Plus, who doesn’t want a little more time in her dress.

When do I need to book my photographer?

RIGHT after your venue. We suggest finding your venue first, which you should do about one year out or more if you have a specific date you want. The venue may have a closed or a strict vendor policy. They might also have a preferred vendor list and know who works best with their property. That said, if you love a photographer and have a date – BOOK THEM! The best of the best only take 1 wedding a day. If you want that photographer (aka us, ha!), book with them as soon as you have a date! But if you want a short answer 9-12 months is preferred, especially during the busy wedding season dates.

Do I need an engagement session?

Short answer: YES! With His and Hers Foto, not only do you need one, but we require one. The relationship between you guys and your photographer is extremely important for comfort level, flow of your event and the style of your images. You can visibly see when during an engagement session the couple get comfy (hint: it’s not at the beginning); how horrible would it be if that was your actual wedding day!

How much time do I need?

Such a loaded question, with a variety of answers. Many things factor into this, including: budget, number of photographers, first look/no first look, size of your guest list, how late is your exit versus the ceremony time, do you want getting ready/prep shots… The list goes on. The best thing I can say is, have a dialogue with your photographer before you book your package and make sure you aren’t going to be rushing things or having to give something up.