“Pictures are in my opinion one of the most important parts of a wedding (obviously behind marrying the love of your life). Pictures are what you look back on to remember your special day or to show your children in the future about the day you married the love of your life, and I knew that I needed to find an amazing photographer that would make sure to take tons of great pictures that we will be able to look back on. Oscar and Kristi were amazing, from our engagement pictures to our wedding they are so down to earth and made us laugh the entire time at the same time as being professional. I am so happy with the way that our pictures came out and I will definitely choose them again when we need pictures taken in the future!”

Nicole & Brandon

Local Photographers

“I absolutely loved working with this dynamic duo! Oscar and Kristi genuinely love what they do and only want to make sure one of the biggest days of your life and everything leading up to it as beautiful and as flawless as they can. I originally just booked with them because my best friend (who is a wedding planner) highly recommended them but I was so thankful in the long run. They made my wedding truly special. There were a lot of health issues surrounding my wedding which was just after the holidays (so even crazier) and Oscar and Kristi were so flexible with everything. On our wedding day we had them all day and I was worried I would feel like there was a camera in my face the whole time but it was the complete opposite! They fit right into our crazy group and everything went seamlessly (with them)! By the end of the day if they didn’t feel like family before they certainly were by then! I would recommend them to anyone but especially to those people who are the most uncomfortable with being the center of attention. I never felt like I was being “posed” like in school in any of our shoots. They were nothing but supportive even when I was nervous in the beginning. They just let the pictures naturally tell your story which to me is the most beautiful part of all!”

Stephanie & Michael

“The most amazing photographers you could ever find! Kristi and Oscar have such a gift for what they do with true talent and it shows in their work. They helped to make my day amazing and they gave us the most amazing memories to treasure forever. They work so well together and give each other different perspectives to capture the best shot possible. I loved getting to know them, from engagement shots, to bridal portraits, to the big day. I will definitely use them again for any photography needs. They were best decision I made for my wedding hands down and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.”

Elizabeth & Jack

wedding photographers

“Oscar and Kristi are the best! They made my wedding day even more special. All of our photos, from the engagement pictures to getting into the car on the night of my wedding, are absolutely gorgeous. They went above and beyond even helping the guys get their flowers on. Every moment I could have wanted taken on the wedding day was and all were beautifully done. I couldn’t have asked for two better photographers. They just made me feel comfortable and that I could be my absolute true self which shines through in the pictures. Thank you Oscar and Kristi for everything!”

Chip & Alyssa

local photographers

“I got screwed over by another photographer and Oscar and Kristi came to the rescue. Our venue recommended them and they worked out a good deal with me. Also they did my engagement photos on quick notice because of previously mentioned other photographer. They were excellent and went above and beyond my expectations. Will definitely use them again for any photography needs.”

Brittney & Louie

“Unbelievable artist. Captured our entire wedding journey in the most beautiful way.”

Laura & Jacques

wedding photography

“We were on a tight budget and were given His and Hers Foto’s name by our venue. One of our best best decisions for the big day! They were so very patient and easy to work with. We got compliments from our guests about how easy-going they were at the reception and how amazing their sneak peaks were! The very best part was how quick they edited our pictures to view online. Oscar and Kristi were great people to work with and their work was just as amazing.”

Kassie & Jason

“We were going to have such a small and casual wedding that we never even considered a photographer at first but I’m so happy we did! From the moment we met Oscar, my husband and I thought he was just awesome. He had great ideas for our small wedding and absolutely captured the intimate and personal experience that we were going for. He even suggested that we get a group shot of everyone there (because when I say it was a small wedding it was small) and I think it is one of my favorite shots of the day! We put our wedding together in three weeks and it was on a holiday (July 4th). But they worked with us so well to get everything taken care of and planned out. If I ever need a photographer in the future I am definitely calling these guys again!”

Amanda & Jeff