Top 4 tips for the perfect proposal

Top 4 Tips for the perfect Proposal & Steps to pull it off

Planning a proposal? LISTEN UP! We get that finding your person should be enough; however, in a lot of cases… it is not. And these are the reasons why planning a well thought out and executed proposal is so incredibly important.

Just popping the question isn’t enough, you have to think it through.


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A proposal story is a moment to share for forever; it is a moment in time that will always be the start of your forever story; it is a memory that will be ingrained in your fiancé’s mind for the rest of their life. And it is a story you want to shine in, not want to hide from.


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Here are a few pointers to lead you through the planning and execution of a glorious proposal.

  1. Plan Ahead. You don’t have to plan 9 months ahead, but you do want to think enough in advance to line up what you think your future spouse would want.
  2. Know Your Person. We cannot say this loudly enough. Know.Your.Person. If (s)he is not a sports person, do not ask at the ballpark. If (s)he is a very private person, do not drop to one knee in a crowded restaurant.
  3. Don’t overthink your speech. You need to have a general idea of what you want to say, but other than that, wing it. Too much structure will sound rehearsed instead of from the heart.
  4. Plan a photo session. I know this sounds like a sales pitch since it is coming from a photographer, but This is an easy way to make sure your future betrothed is dressed to impress, nails are done, they are there to pose and be prompted. This makes it drastically easier to get you in a position to get down on one knee and pull out a ring


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In our humble opinion, as both wedding photographers and a married couple who have seen and been around quite a few proposals, here is our proposal sequence of events and associated questions you need to ask yourself

Step 1: Ask the parentals. This is not an archaic thought. People still do this, as they should. If your future fiancé has any relationship with their parent(s), please don’t skip this first step.

Step 2: Get the ring. Obvious, but it comes with a caveat. Would she want to pick her own ring? Would (s)he want to be surprised in hopes that you know her/him enough to pick something they’ll love? Are you using a family jewel or ring?

Step 3: Think of the situation. And give it a lot of thought, because this will determine which step you go to next.

Would she want it photographed or just rely on a selfie (see 4A)?

Would (s)he want it to happen in public or privately (4B/C)?

Would (s)he want to know it’s coming or be surprised?

Would (s)he want friends and family on deck to celebrate, or would she want to celebrate with just the two of you? What do I bring (4D)?

Step 4 (A): Photography. Let’s assume (s)he either wants it photographed or will not care that a photographer is there (this will be the majority of those out there).

Get a photographer that she either likes or already follows, if possible. If you cannot figure that out, find one that is similar to a style (s)he likes.

The goal is to find someone who meshes with you personally and has a style you could see photographing your wedding. DEEP BREATH! This does not have to be.


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Getting Married & Love Podcasts?  CHECK OUT Our podcast series!


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