How to embrace your wedding planning chill, so you can enjoy your engagement


 4 tips to remember along the planning journey

So many tips and tricks and words of wisdom we could give about what to do or what not to do. Best thing we can say it to follow these 4 tidbits of information to help remember that this whole wedding thingy is about you two and your love.

1) Celebrate, Don’t Stress: A key to remember is that this is a celebration of the love    that the two of you have and becoming unified in marriage. There are so many negative nancies and opinions you will encounter… Shake it off and remember the reason for the season.

2) Trust Yourself and Your Decisions: You’ve researched and interviewed and spent hours online and on the phone vetting your vendors. Now you need to trust the work you put into it and the vendors that you book as you choose them and move forward. Second guessing yourself at this point is counterproductive. You worked hard to select the best for your big day, trust that you did just that and head toward the next thing on the endless checklist. That said, if you have serious red flags happening and your spidey-senses are tingling, talk to your planning or your other trusted vendors about your concerns.

3) Stress Won’t Help: You know how you think about something and you make a plan. Then you second guess that plan. Then you third guess that plan. Then you go back to the original plan. Nothing about the stress during the middle steps helped. It may have made you lose sleep; may have caused a few hours of conversation; might have even caused insight you didn’t consider before. But in the end, you stuck with your plan. We say do that off the bat and save yourself the stress.

4) It WILL affect YOU: Stressing about wedding planning and overthinking and spending hours perusing Pinterest will not be good for you or your fiancé. It can cause you to lose sleep, which could affect your work and personal life. Most people know the unfortunate effects stress has on your body and appearance too. Stress eating is a thing, folks! It can affect workouts, weight gain/loss, skin condition… And it can and will affect your relationship if you let it get too far.

Again, the wedding is about the TWO OF YOU! Celebrate the booking milestones, move on to the next one and enjoy the process. Do your research and look around, but don’t let it consume you. If it is starting to consume you, take a step back, go on a wedding planning-free date night and start with a fresh mind the next day. If it gets super bad, get a planner! If you have a planner, TRUST the planner and voice your concerns.


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