Top 5 tips to a unique engagement photos:

Unique engagement photos are key and likely to be the first official professional photography shoot you and your betrothed take together. It is also typically the first intro to your wedding day – used for save-the-dates, wedding day displays, etc. You want this session to speak to who you are individually and as a couple. Use these tips as thinking points on how to make your engagement
session unique to you two.
5) Plan ahead Coordinate with your photographer and your fiancé well in advance. If you wait
until a week or two beforehand, you will still get great shots, they just may not be what you were
envisioning. Last minute means you end up with the typical locations and typical clothes.
Planning ahead means reserving unique locations, getting permits or permission from those that
may require them, or ordering a dress or suite that fits your vision. And it means taking your
vision and making it happen.
4) Don’t be scared to go BOLD, go BIG. It isn’t just for bridal shoots and the wedding day. If
you want a dress with a long train or dramatic cut, do it! If you want a three-piece suit and
custom gown, do it. If you want a session on your boat sailing out in the bay, do it. Create a
vision, no matter how “out there” it seems and get with your photographer about how to make
that vision a reality.
3) Use your wedding day photographer You should always aim to use the photographer that
will be your wedding day photographer. There is a rapport and comfort level achieved during
shooting that can make the wedding day start just as smooth as your engagement session is
bound to end. We always recommend, even if it is not already included, doing a shoot with your
wedding day photographer as a couple before the big day.
2) Go with the flow, don’t “selfie” your posing SOOOO many people try to study how to take
good photos. Or they look at Pinterest or on Google for engagement pictures they like and try to
copy that pose. Please don’t! You are a unique person with your own look. You can look to these
sites for visual inspiration for the shoot but trust your photographer for the right angles that work
for you. No duck lips required.
1) SHARE YOUR VISION. Trust us when we say we LOVE something different for your
engagement session. But if you don’t tell us, or are not open to our suggestions, it will be
fantastic in an amazingly traditional way. If you are a paddle boarding couple wanting shots on
the water, ask. If you are hikers that want a camping, destination engagement shoot, ask. If you
two are theater lovers wanting dramatic shots in an auditorium, ASK! Don’t be scared to go
extreme… As we always say “you do you!”

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