Top 5 tips to make your traditional wedding stand out:

Let me preface this by saying that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a traditional
wedding. Marriage is not about the show or outdoing your family and friends. At the end of the day, it is about marrying the person you love and want to spend your life with. Don’t forget the
true reason for the season, if you will. That said, if you want your day to fit that traditional yet
different frame of mind, these are a few tips:
5) Post-party snacking If you have an ultimate favorite snack serve it. We’ve seen
WhataBurger bars, taco bars, nacho bars, pizza bars, cupcake bars, ice cream bars, coffee or
gelato bars (fyi if you haven’t heard of Grizzaffi Coffee Catering, check it out)… The catering
may be over well before the party, don’t forget to offer a late night munchy if you want guests to
leave full and satisfied, not to mention that is an awesome way to end the night.
4) Start at the beginning Your wedding “begins” with your Save the Dates. I’m sure we all
have those magnets on our fridge with a picture and a date. I actually like these, but they have
become traditional. Consider a pop of color. Think about doing a scratch off ticket to reveal the
date or a picture. Make it something memorable and something your guests will want to hang for
the 6-8 weeks ahead of time they get it.
3) Think Entertainment Don’t just hire a DJ to play music, hire a DJ that can hype the crowd
and make a specialized playlist. Think about having a band singing some tunes. Everyone says
they “don’t want cliché songs,” but those songs are cliché for a reason. Line dances get people
dancing and that’s the ultimate goal. Just work your songs into the mix. It’s also about the
presentation. What about using a light up dance floor or up lighting and monograms or dancing
on a cloud during your first dance to add some dimension for the reception? Don’t forget about
the non-dancers too! Think about having a photobooth for those guests that may not be busting a
move on the dance floor. Not to mention this gives ALL guests an option of something fun to do
between the ceremony and reception during your photo time.
2) Be cohesive There is ZERO wrong with DIY wedding projects and putting your own touch on
everything. But we cannot say enough (note other blogs that will get written about this, not to
mention our numerous Life As Art podcasts about it), a wedding planner will tie it all together.
Budget friendly can still include a wedding coordinator. This will ease your burden in planning
and day of activities, it will bring your vision to fruition, and it will make those DIY projects
POP to give a creative and uniform feel to your wedding!
1) End strong The exit is your guests’ last impression. There are plenty of options to stand out,
even if you feel like it’s too traditional: bubbles, sparklers, glow sticks, rose petals, confetti…
All can be awesome if timed well and the photographer knows ahead of time. Timing is vital. If
you are worried about guests leaving early and the exit being sparse, consider doing it between
ceremony and reception or earlier in the evening. If planned ahead and communicated well,
guests won’t take it as a sign that the event is over, but as a sign that some serious party is about
to ensue. Photographer Insight #1: if you are doing bubbles, get a bubble gun to shoot bubbles at
your back to fill the background. Photographer Insight #2: If you are doing sparklers, go the
extra step and get long-lasting event sparklers that don’t have tons of smoke and last long enough

for you to not have to run through your exit. AND don’t forget a ride. There is nothing wrong
with leaving in your Honda Civic, but leaving in a classic Thunderbird or a Rolls Royce will
definitely leave more of an impression. You know what would make an AMAZING last
impression? Leaving in a T-bird under an amazing fireworks display (we recommend Roar Over
Texas, trust us)………..

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